April 17, 2014
News and Other Things for Harbour Vista Community Huntington Beach
posted 17 April 2014
The HOA Board has engaged HOA Elections of California, Inc. (a company that provides election inspectors and election services) to prepare and mail a second ballot to only those HOA members who had not returned the first ballot for the proposed Bylaws amendments changes. These second ballots must be returned or FAX to HOA Elections before April 24th or delivered in person at the next HOA Meeting April 28th.

HOA members whose ballots were disqualified because the return envelope was not signed or did not have their Condo address on the return envelope where sent an affidavit to sign to certify any corrections and qualify the ballots to be counted.■
posted 10 April 2014
by Diane Pannone
REX, aka “Wreck it Ralph” is a very handsome two year old Alaskan Malamute who weighs 75lbs.

He has red hair and olive green eyes and was born on St. Patrick’s Day. Rex is a rescue dog. His owner found him walking along a road in Oklahoma when he was 8 months old. She notified the local authorities that she had him. When no one claimed him she adopted him and brought him back home to Huntington Beach.

He loves to go to Dog Beach and the dog park where he can play in the ocean and exercise. When he wants to go out for a walk he goes over to one of his family members and gently takes their hand in his mouth and leads them to the front door. Too cute!

The Malamute is the largest and oldest of the Artic sled dogs. They have great strength and endurance. Many Malamutes are family pets. They are highly athletic and enjoy sledding, weight pulling, back packing, jogging and swimming with their owners.
Not only is Rex a handsome fella, he’s also very friendly. So, if you see him and his owners walking around the complex stop and say hello and give him a pet! ■

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posted 20 March 2014

Editor's Notes:

  1. Your VOTE is important. Although the Amendments to the Bylaws Ballot is long and contains a lot of legal language there are simply only two major changes. One is to have TWO YEAR STAGGERED TERMS and the other is TO CHANGE CUMULATIVE VOTING. The Board now has around thirty (30) non-voting, for quorum only PROXIES they can use to meet quorum at the March 31st counting of Ballots. It is all the more important that you return your Ballot so your choice on these amendments to be “AGAINST” OR “IN FAVOR” will be counted. For over 30 years our Election Rules have worked fine. Why change them now?? Who benefits from these changes? Is it the HOA Members or the HOA Board Members to secure their re-election? Harbour Vista News suspects it is the latter, therefore we urge our Readers to return your Ballot marked “AGAINST” on both Amendments.
  2. The Board will vote on the changes to QUALIFICATIONS FOR BOARD MEMBERS at the March 31st meeting. While you will NOT have a Vote on these changes you can let the Board know if you AGREE OR DISAGREE with these changes. Some homeowners in Harbour Vista have expressed their resentment of the number of condos that are renter occupied. They also express a concern that if the owners of the rental units are allowed to serve on the Board they might raise our HOA dues. This “FEAR” IS UNFOUNDED. The owners who have rental units in the complex have just as much concern that the complex be well maintained and that the HOA DUES be reasonable and NOT go up! They pay HOA dues just like Homeowners who live in the complex and will have to pay any special assessments that come in the future. I am one of those owners and this is how I feel. Also, some of these Owners might be willing to serve on future Boards and have experience and knowledge that would benefit our HOA. Lastly, it seems only FAIR that there be a BALANCE on the BOARD and Owners who have rental property in the complex can be a part of future Boards. They have an investment in the community!!"
“We are all in this together™” -- Michael Barto

Reference: Amend "Qualifications for Board Members"
Upcoming HOA Meeting Schedules
Date Location Time Agenda
28 April 2014 Community Center 7:30PM
April 28, 2014
(Open Meeting)
April 28, 2014
(closed meeting)
(as of 16 April 2014)
Active Real Estate Listing
Address Type Asking
On Hold
Address Type Asking
16542 Blackbeard Lane #203 2 BD $180,000
Contingent/Backup Offers
Address Type Asking
4861 Lago Drive #103 3 BD $225,000
16551 Grunion Lane #204 2 BD $180,000
Pending Sales
Address Type Asking
16512 Blackbeard Lane #101 3 BD $200,000
Closed Sales
Address Type Closed
4861 Lago Drive #202 3 BD $227,000
16521 Grunion Lane #103 2 BD $188,500
16551 Grunion Lane #203 2 BD $134,000
16521 Grunion Lane #101 3 BD $200,000 (asked $195,000)
For Lease/Rent
Address Type Description Monthly Contact
16551 Grunion Lane #203 2BD 2 master bedrooms, 2 baths, laundrey $1,950/month R.E. Agent: Lidia Yun
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posted 9 April 2014
Dinning Around Harbour Vista
Close and Convenient
by Mary Williams
Located in the Huntington Harbor Mall in behind of Trader Joes. There is parking in the back area off of Saybrook. Large bar that fronts the dinning area. Good selection of craft beers. Decent wine list by the bottle and glass. Corkage is $10 for the 1st bottle, $10 for the 2nd bottle, Third bottle is $25 which leaves this place out for my wine and dine group as we usually have 8 to 15 bottles on the table. But for the 3 of us who dined here recently it worked out well.
Daily Specials
Daily specials on the blackboard. Specials are worth looking at. I was tempted to order the daily burger special, thick beef patty with a slab of pork belly on top. Maybe next time. We started out with the Red Table Fries, served with a spicy catsup. Tasty fries, nice potato texture and crispy outside. I had a bowl of lobster bisque. This was the non-cream version. Good flavor and just the right amount of tang. Next we had the flatbread special, garlic with shrimp. Loads of garlic which set the flatbread into something really different.
Meatball Sliders
Two other dishes were ordered. Meatball Sliders, three large meatballs and sauce. I did not taste this dish but I was told it was very good. A plate of Beer Brined Porkchops, two chops, caramelized red cabbage and mashed potatoes on the plate. Tasted the porkchop, brining does make a difference. This dish is worth ordering again. It was on the daily special menu.
It Does Get Busy
Service was good. On a Tuesday night the place was busy but not full. As the weekend approaches it does get busy. Menu has a large selection along with the daily specials. Portions are on the larger size. The use of of spices add flavors makes the food stand out. Red Table is close and convenient to Harbour Vista.■

Red Table
16821 Algonquin St
Huntington Beach 92649
(714) 846-4700
11:30 to 9:00 seven days
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posted 22 January 2014
Letters to the Editor
From Confused Homeowner:

In reading the article about “Ground Lease Extension”, I was a little confused. Does this mean my lease is now extended an additional fifteen years?

Dear Confused Homeowner:

The short answer is NO, your Sub-lease remains the same and will expire in the year 2041 and that is true for all the Homeowners/Property Owners in Harbour Vista. All the terms of the Sub-Lease you have with Harbour Vista LLC remain the same. You should have received copies of the Ground Lease, Sub-Lease and Amendments to these documents from your Escrow Company when you purchased your condo. For a convenient place to look at these documents, you can click on the Land Lease tab to see copies of these documents.

It helps to remember the chain of ownership:

  1. Land is owned by the Duc Family;
  2. they leased all the land at Harbour Vista to Harbour Vista LLC , represented by William Dickey; Harbour Vista LLC then Sub-Leased the land to individual Homeowners/property owners in HarbourVista.
In January of 2013 Harbour Vista LLC (Land Lease Holder) successfully negotiated a 15 year Extension of the Ground Lease with the Land Owners (Duc family). That Extension expires in 2056. So, Harbour Vista LLC owns the Land Lease for an additional 15 years until 2056. See this link.

It remains to be seen if, in the future, the 15 year extension will be extended to the Homeowners/property owners at the Harbour Vista Homeowners. Extending the Sub-lease for the additional 15 years would require the terms be negotiated between Harbour Vista LLC and Harbour Vista Homeowners. While the HOA hired an Attorney to contact Harbour Vista LLC regarding an extension of the Sub-leases they were not successful and gave a report to the Homeowners in March of last year regarding the issue. You can see a copy of the report at this link.

Perhaps an opportunity will arise in the future for a HV Board of Directors to re-open talks with Harbour Vista LLC about extending the Sub-Leases.

Hope this clarifies the issue for you and thank you for your letter.
-----Michael Barto

To Ask a Question of Harbour Vista News: Simply email, call (714-883-1949) or send a letter. Remember: "We are all in this together™".
posted 12 February 2014
Letters to the Editor
I live in a three bedroom top floor unit. I noticed I have a crawl space to a very large attic space.
I was wondering what the rules and regulations are regarding making this area into a storage area or some other use?
--- Paul with Attic Space

Dear Paul with Attic Space
The governing documents regarding modifications to a unit can be found on the Harbour Vista News website under the HOA Documents tab. Under that tab you will find the HOA Rules and Regulations and there you will find the Architectural Rules and Regulations. Basically, if a homeowner wants to make a modification to their unit they should contact Taylor DeLauder at Action Property Management and tell him you want to submit an Architectural Form for review by the Board of Directors. You can also obtain a copy of this form under the Other Information tab on the Harbour Vista News web site. Taylor will be able to answer any question you have regarding the process to follow for approval of your Architectural modification to your unit.

The Harbour Vista Rules and Regulations state that any modifications must be in compliance with the CCandRs Section 4.02. You can also take a look at the CCandRs Section 8.05 and CCandRs Section 1.42 on the web site.

I spoke with a couple of former Board Members who said there were modifications made to units, in the past, that had permits from the City and Approval from the Board. But there may be units where the owner did not have Permits or Approval from the Board for modifications to their unit. This could be a problem for these homeowners should they decide to sell their unit. They will have to declare the modification to their unit as “non-permitted” and “not approved” by the HOA. Potential Buyers may not want to purchase a unit without the proper HOA Board Approval and City Permits.

I hope this information and places to find the governing documents for modifications to units is helpful.
-----Michael Barto

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posted 12 March 2014
March Maintenance
From a Little Tree
new planting
Called the mud pile at the 4791 Lago building, Terra Verde Landscaping has planted a new tree and added some ground covering. This mud pile was created because of a ground leak repair which involved the removal of a Ficus tree and digging out a large hole. See "The Great Gound Leak".
Fire Gate New Planting
The area near the Blackbeard fire gate has some new planting installed. This use to be a very dead area and somewhat an "eye sore". This change does improve the beauty of the property■
posted 12 February 2014
We Are All in This together!
by Michael Barto
I have used the saying “We Are All In This Together™”. This is particularly true when it comes to maintaining common areas at Harbour Vista
Personal Experience
Leaving for dinner one late afternoon, I noticed a leak that sprayed water from what is called a back-flow-valve at a heavily traveled area. I immediately contacted Action Property Management to report it. This leak was very noticeable. But I was the only one who had called it in. One of my neighbors mentioned that she had noticed it the next day and was thinking about calling it in.
Be Vigilant
The problem is all Harbour Vista residents need to be vigilant about the condition of the property and report issues as soon as they occur.
No On-Site Manager
Homeowner should know that it is their money going down the drain that could be used for other things like repairing the clubhouse or fixing the parking lot--and most importantly preventing dues from going up. Renters are also in this. If a landlord’s dues go up, he will pass it on to his tenants. Do not think because one pays dues or rent someone else is taking care of this for you.
Not Obvious

You may be thinking that a maintenance issue is obvious and that it has already been called into action. My personal experience is that is not true. But, placing extra calls will highlight the issue for a quicker repair. That is why Action Property Management provides a “help desk”.
Community Care
Action’s “help desk” is called “Community Care” and is open from 7AM to 7PM Monday through Friday. For off hours, their phone number reverts to an emergency number which is operated 24 hours 7 days a week. “Community Care” can dispatch vendors, write work orders and contact HOA volunteers for any action required such as posting notices. Community Care’s phone number is (800-400-2284). “Community Care” also has its own email address: where you can report an issue without calling and send photos from your phone for clarification. Photos are forwarded to the appropriate maintenance company which will expedite locating and repairing an issue.
For off-hours, “Community Care” contacts an “on-call” property manager. So even on the weekend, it should be called in. A fire alarm was broken on a Sunday and would not reset. The Fire Department was called and “Community Care” called by residents. The “on-call” property manager dispatched someone to fix the alarm that day. This happen on Super Bowl Sunday.

As a Harbour Vista resident, renter or a property owner, take responsibility for maintaining the complex. It helps the community as a whole. And as I say again “We Are All In This Together™”.
---Michael Barto
posted 6 February 2014
Letters to the Editor
From Mike

No doubt we all know about the Davis-Sterling Act, and dealt with some sections of it.

However, as of January 1, 2014, numerous sections of the code will be repealed and replaced with a new Part 5. California legislation reorganized and recodified the Act. But it is causing confusion for many people.
To help dealing with the changes, the December 29, 2013 Los Angeles Times (Business section), where every Sunday a column under subtitle “Associations” is printed, published the one titled “Code change is confusing”, and the authors offered a free conversion chart of how the changed statues relate to the original Davis-Sterling Act. To obtain such chart, a first-class stamped, self-addressed envelope should be sent ot the authors.

I think you can forward this to the Harbour Vista Board, and it will be helpful for the board to get such referenced conversion chart for future use.

Dear Mike
I am aware of the changes you referred to in your letter. On the Harbour Vista News web site there is a link under the "HOA Documents" tab to Davis-Sterling.com web site. This web site has a conversion chart for the new code numbers and is very user friendly. It has the entire Davis-Sterling Act along with an index of subjects that makes it easy to look at the statues that pertain to a subject you would want to look up. The site also shows legislation and case law pertaining to Davis-Sterling.

I appreciate you bringing this to our attention so we could let homeowners/property owners at Harbour Vista have this information also. We hope the web site is useful and convenient for you and others.
-----Michael Barto

To Ask a Question of Harbour Vista News: Simply email, call (714-883-1949) or send a letter. Remember: "We are all in this together™".
posted 9 April 2014
March HOA Meeting
Election Rules Changed
Potholes to be Repaired
At the HOA Board meeting on March 31st there were three board members in attendance along with the Action Community Manager and twenty three residents. Board members Ramy Eskander and Timothy Jordanides were absent. The financial report was given by Ron Rolewicz.
Quorum Not Meet
Community Manager, Taylor DeLauder announced the HOA had only received 66 ballots as of the meeting. This did not meet the required number of ballots for the required quorum of 83 ballots. Therefore the ballots were not opened or counted. The Board instructed Action to send out a second ballot to those homeowners who had not returned the first ballot asking them to vote and return their ballot by the HOA Board meeting in April. If the needed additional ballots to reach the quorum are not received the bylaws will remain unchanged. (See Editor’s Note 2 and 3 below)
Election Rules Changes Approved
The Board voted to approve the changes to the Election Rules with no discussion from the Board or the membership in attendance at the meeting. The changes will apply to the upcoming election of new Board Members this June. Only HOA members whose primary residence is in Harbour Vista will be eligible to run for a seat on the Board. This means that approximately 40% of the HOA membership will not be allowed to run for a seat on the Board in the future. (See Note 2 and 3 below)
Open Forum
A homeowner raised a question about excessive noise from his neighbors, disturbing him and other residents with loud noises very early in the morning. The board told him this type of complaint about a neighbor should be handled confidentially and therefore the homeowner needed to contact Taylor DeLauder with the complaint.
Needed Help
Homeowner, Mike Friedman told of his experience with Action when he needed information regarding a leak in the heater coil in his unit. He did not know how to turn the water off to the heater coil. (See “My Heater Nightmares"). He asked if the Action Call Center could provide vendor names and recommendation when a homeowner calls asking for help. See Note 4
Fish are Disappearing
A question was asked about the mosquito fish that seem to be gone from the streams and ponds. Were they going to be replaced? Taylor DeLauder stated he would check with Vector control.
Pothole Repair
The Board approved the proposal of 100 tons of asphalt for the repair of the parking lots at a cost of approximately $14,000. This project was not in this year’s budget. Funds will need to be taken from other accounts in the budget. Taylor DeLauder suggested the Board reduce the amount of funds put in the reserves from $62,000 to $50,000 for this year. Other suggestions were to move funds from other accounts in the budget. Taylor DeLauder also stated that the asphalt company estimated it would cost around $500,000 to completely resurface the entire parking lots.
Board Announcements
  • The painting and repair of perimeter fences and gates has been completed.
  • Volunteers will continue the painting of red curbs and yellow speed bumps on Saturday April 5th.
  • The HOA Annual Audit report will be mailed to the membership in April.
Other Business
The Board approved the following:
  • Sign pole and sign repair/replacement in the complex
  • Repair of landscape drain pipe
  • Draft Annual Audit Report
  • New Election Rules to be mailed out to the HOA membership
  • Two balcony repairs were tabled to the next meeting
  • Locks on the Fire Alarm boxes will be replaced
  • The Official HOA mailing address was reinstated.
  • Liens on three units were approved.■

Editor Notes:
  1. Taylor DeLauder at Action was asked for clarification on the reason the ballots were not counted. He explained that in order to make a change in the HOA Bylaws there must be a majority of the membership, i.e. 90+1 who vote in favor of the change. And only 66 ballots had been returned by the meeting. Since some members are ineligible to vote in this election the number of needed ballots dropped to 83. Some homeowners are delinquent in paying their HOA monthly dues and therefore are ineligible to vote at this time.
  2. There was a flyer handed out to those in attendance from a resident, who is currently renting a unit in Harbour Vista, supporting the change in the Election Rules along with a legal opinion from the Adams Kessler law firm.
  3. The non-resident owners of the HOA membership is approximately 40%. Currently board member Tim Jordanides is a non-resident. With the Board passing the new Election Rules, he will now not be eligible to be elected to the Board in the future. His tenure serving with the current board has been difficult since he was not always in agreement with the Board President and other board members regarding the HOA finances and legal expenses.
  4. Homeowner Mike Fridman was interrupted as he was addressing the board by a resident/renter who told him he knew about his heater leaking a month ago. This was not the point Mr. Fridman was trying to make. He simply was suggesting it would be helpful if the Action Call Center had a list of vendors and recommendations they could give to owners when they call asking for help. Such confrontation by people attending the HOA meetings should be discouraged by the Board.
posted 20 March 2014
My Heater Nightmare
by Mike Fridman
On the evening of March 3, 2014, the first Monday of this month when the water in our building had been shut off, my wife and I returned home and we were stunned by seeing shining water flooding the floor of our condo. We started to look around to find the source of the flood. We heard and saw water coming from our ceiling. The water was dripping from the ceiling grate which covers the heating exchange coil of the hydronic (some call it hydrogenic) heating system. This was an EMERGENCY! We called Action Property Management. It was late in the evening; the Manager had left the office, but the Call Center person asked us for the reason of the call.
No Show
After I explained, I was told “someone will call you and show up”, lacking such emergency experience, we thought maybe a night shift, emergency person from the plumbing company might call. But it was just a dream. Then, maybe in the morning someone would give us a call. Nooop! Like nobody cares, while the level of water in the large plastic tub we placed under the leak kept rising.
No Show 2
I called Action again, another person at the Call Center asked me to repeat the reason for my call. They said they would notify Scott English Plumbing to come and take a look at the leak. But, again nobody showed up. Around noon I called Action again and asked for a direct phone number for Scott English. The dispatcher at Scott English told me they did not have any phone calls from Action, but they did find an e-mail from Action. Finally, the plumber came in the afternoon. The plumber told us the heat exchanger coil was leaking and needed to be replaced. He also said that he did not have experience in hydronics, so he advised us to call Action. When I called Action again I was told such a repair was the responsibility of the homeowners, not the HOA. Action did not have names of companies who do this kind of work.
Finally Found Someone
I went fishing on the internet. The services advertised there were charging a range of $80-$100 just for coming out to assess the problem. One of them came out and gave me an estimate I considered too high despite the assertion they offer a discount equal to the fee for coming out. Luckily, in a brief conversation with one of our good neighbors, we got the name and phone number for “Benrich” heating and plumbing. This company is in business since 1962. No charge for coming out. The estimate was moderate. The plumber explained to me, after a shut-off of the water in the building, the water is turned on too fast instead of a gradual turn on, the force of the water pressure in the pipes can cause a crack in the old tubing of the coil. This was the case. The leak happened on the day Scott English shut off the water for other plumbing issues in my building and then turned it back on in the afternoon.
A Happy Ending
I called Taylor at Action and following the 48-hr. rule of noticing the other residents in the building, we agreed to schedule Benrich for Friday morning, March 14th, to do the repairs. However, on Friday morning there was no call from the dispatcher at Benrich and no knock at the door. I called Benrich and got apologies from the dispatcher for good reason. Nobody recorded the schedule. The plumber had a serious emergency at home. With a conversation with the supervisor and another call to Taylor at Action, we re-scheduled Benrich for Tuesday, March 18th and agreed that Scott English plumbing did not have to come to shut the water off because the plumber from Benrich was familiar with the Harbour Vista system and boilers and could turn the boiler off and re-start the boiler after the repairs were made.
On Line by Noon
By noon new shut-off valves to my heating system were installed and the water was carefully turned back on. I immediately notified the Call Center at Action that the water in the building had been turned back on. The new coil was installed and tested. The plumber from Benrich did a thorough job very well.■

Editor Note: We have added Benrich to our Recommendations and Reviews under the "Property Pulldown" on this site.
posted 19 January 2014
Mysteriously Removed
The two wooden sign posts at the HOA common grass areas at the corner of Green and Heil are missing. These two sign post have been the designated common area place for Real Estate signs advertising "For Sale" or "For Rent/Lease" properties in the complex for many years. The corner location where the sign posts and signs were allowed was visible from the street which made it the best location for advertising the sale or rent of a Harbour Vista property. Without these designated sign posts property owners selling their properties have no choice but to have their Realtor put the real estate signs up in other places creating an “eye sore” and in violation of our Harbour Vista CC&R’s.
original sign
2ft deep 4X4 Hole
Hefty Signs
The signs posts were hefty—constructed of 4x4”, 12 foot long stacks supporting cross beams sunken 2 feet into the ground. They were purchased and installed by the HOA some years ago. It was a complex job to remove them. Only a 4x4” hole remains.
Knew Nothing
Action Property Management was notified of the posts disappearance. They stated they had no work order for the removal of the posts and knew nothing about who removed them.
Signs Gathering
Real estate signs are the “best” way to advertise properties for sale or rent and it is important they be in a place visible from the street. Property Owners/ Sellers and their Realtors find

themselves in a dilemma as to where they can hang their signs. One “For Sale” sign is hanging from the patio roof for a Grunion property that is on the market (see picture) so it can be seen from Heil. This violates all sorts of Association rules. Another real estate sign has been placed in the Common Area grass by a unit on Lago

that is for sale along with an additional sign for the same property attached to the balcony railing of the unit. Again this violates Association rules..but with no other designated area for these signs what is the Homeowner/Seller and the Realtor to do??
Our Harbour Vista CC&R’s Section 8.04 states “The Board of Directors shall erect within the Common Areas a master directory of Units which are for sale or for lease.” This requirement was fulfilled by the HOA purchasing and erecting the now missing posts for signs and designating this area for that purpose. Replacing the posts will not be a trivial expense.

If you know what happened to the posts or saw them being removed Harbour Vista News would appreciate you contacting us with that information. You can remain anonymous.
Let’s hope the current Board addresses this problem/dilemma quickly!■

Follow On: Our Property Manager Taylor DeLauder at Action responded that the Sign Post were removed at the direction of the Board because they were dry rotted. It would have been better planning if replacement posts were available at the time the old posts were taken down so there would be no disruption and confusion about where Real Estate Signs can be placed. Let's hope that new Sign Posts will be installed very soon so Homeowners and their Realtors don't have Signs posted in places that violate the CC&R's and the R&R's.

He also stated "Under Section 8.04 of the CC&R's it states that a sign advertising the sale/lease of a unit can be placed within a unit but not upon any portion of the Common Area.

A running list of the units for sale/ for lease can be placed within the bulletin board of the complex maintained by the Board."
Current News
"Since the downsizing of the membership,
the voting procedure will be simpler"

From the Webmaster:

My name is Michael Barto. I am an owner of a condo in the Harbour Vista Condo complex in Huntington Beach, California. I was the Secretary of the HOA from July 2012 to July 2013. I have always liked these condos. I have been an owner going on 15 years with multiple properties at Harbour Vista. I do not live at Harbour Vista.

This site is used to exchange condo information via the web. I got tired of looking for lost paper.

It is in development and will add more information as provided. It will recongnize ALL voices. I feel information should flow freely between the members when the HOA members can make up their own minds. This site will not use to perform any character assassination. But will report facts that occur.

This site is not the Official Corpoate Site for Harbour Vista HOA, LCC. The HOA Corporation Site is and is maitained by the Action Property Management and the Harbour Vista HOA Board.

I like to use this sight to promote neightbors work better together. Presenting facts instead of listening to rumors. Members of the association are invited to write in their comments and concern and they will be published. We are also looking for human interest stories even about your pet and other thing that are community building. But any contribution must be by name.

You are welcome to contact me to post information. My email is mbarto@logiqwest.com.

You are also welcome to contact me by phone
714-883-1949. Please note text messaging is more polite.


Property Management

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HOA Recommended Plumbling Service
Scott English Plumbing, Inc.
1287 N Jefferson Street
Orange, CA, 92865
Phone: 714-987-9801
Phone: 949-462-9773

The HOA has placed on their Approved Vendor list Scott English Plumbing to support the Association as well as the homeowners. Scott English Plumbing offer quality service at affordable prices 24-Hours a Day 7-Days a Week.
Harbour Vista ARCHIVES
The fireplaces in each Harbour Vista Condo are not designed to burn wood, paper or any other combustible material. Only "gas logs" are allowed to burn in fireplaces. Burning other material such as pressed logs or wood in these fireplaces is NOT allowed and can create a fire hazards to the complex. See Rules and Regulations.
Harbour Vista News
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Harbour Vista News mandate is to provide news and community information for the owners of Harbour Vista properties in Huntington Beach. Contributions are welcome. We are all in this together™.
posted 15 November 2013
Harbour Vista News has obtained a copy of the MEMORANDUM OF THIRD AMEMDMENT TO GROUND LEASES for Harbour Vista.

The Memorandum was filed with the Clerk Recorder’s office of Orange County on January 7, 2013.

The Memorandum extends the Ground Leases for Harbour Vista for an additional fifteen (15) years from August 31, 2041 to August 31, 2056 (a period of approximately forty five (45) years and eight (8) months.

The Agreement for the extension is by and between the Landowners (the Duc family) and the Ground Lease Holder (Harbour Vista LLC). This Extension IS NOT an Extension of the current SUB-LEASES each homeowner/property owner has with Harbour Vista LLC and makes no changes to the current Sub-leases.

For the convenience of homeowners/property owners, you can obtain a copy of the Memorandum, for your records, at the Harbour Vista News web site by clicking on the Land Lease tab and then clicking on
"Ground Lease Extension ()“.■
This website and it's contents is not an official or legal entity of the Harbour Vista Homeowner's Association, LLC. The content has not been approved by, nor are the views, expressed or implied, those of the Harbour Vista HOA Board of Directors or the membership. Send email to mbarto@logiqwest.com